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Isabel de Velasco
"Isabel de Velasco"
1998, Meninas
5 x 2 x 2'

Meninas: Outdoor installation in Brooklyn
"Meninas: Outdoor installation in Brooklyn, NY"

Dona Marcela
"Dona Marcela"
1998, Meninas
3 x 2 x 2'

Officer Jose
"Officer Jose"
1998, Meninas
5 x 2 x 2'

1994,"Comme des garcons", Space, Tokyo
240 x 150 x 120 cm

1996, painted plaster, 
160 x 50 x 50 cm.

1996, painted resin,
40 x 15 x 15 cm.

Bruno Hadjadj


Sculpture installation & drawings 

The exhibition consists of a free interpretation in three-dimensional form of the Velazquez 1656 painting, "Las Meninas" ("The Maids of Honor"). For "Meninas" Bruno Hadjadj is using some elements of Velazquez’s world, exacerbating the sense of the grotesque that is already present in the Spaniard’s work. Some fundamental elements remain untouched: the composition, the number of characters and the way they interact. Hadjadj is also exploiting the similarities between our modern urban world and the situatio n of Spain at the end of the seventeenth century. At this time, Spain became the decadent site of a fading Empire and aristocracy, in economic crisis and in the grasp of the Spanish Inquisition.

  • The Infant Marguarita; Young, beautiful and rich in a ruined world, she is the archetypal twentieth Century supermodel.
  • Maria Augustina Sarmiento and Dona Isabel de Velasco: Two Maids of Honor who are the teenage, obsessive fans of the Infant.
  • Maria Barbola; The dwarf of Velazquez’s painting becomes "Mr. Dream", Bruno Hadjadj’s recurrent drug-dealer character.
  • The Dog: Becomes a monstrous, urban pit-bull.
  • The mirror reflecting Queen Marian and King Felipe IV: in the installation, a TV monitor, hanging from the ceiling in a metallic cage replaces the mirror. Bruno Hadjadj invited artist Leonardo Casali to create a video for the installation.