marco maggi

The Pencil Monologues

Nov 17 - Jan 31, 2001

123 Watts is pleased to present: The Pencil Monologues, a retrospective of micro-macro drawings: 0002/ 9991. The exhibition recounts the last 357 days of Marco Maggi’s work and provides access to intangible archives in ordinary materials: pencil leads, Reynold’s aluminum foil, Macintosh apples, Empire rulers, Polaroid slide mounts, Xerox paper.

These supports define a new materialism that is not historical but hypothetical. The micro-macro is a pre-Colombian and post-Clintonian fabric with two dimensional textures and three dimensional pretexts. Gray matter created by a minimal displacement of the thumb and index along different surfaces: a digital dialogue IBM non-compatible.

Marco Maggi writes: "Free long distance phone calls shrink the planet and give us a new international intimacy. Working in a smaller world requires new modalities. We need to exercise in homeopathic processes lowering our voices and the ceilings of art galleries. Our time is so preoccupied with the spectacle of macro drama that delicacy has become subversive: the BITniks will be a beat-free generation ."

The Pencil Monologues is an unplugged video documenting the death of long distance.