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Linda Weintraub

Linda Weintraub was Manager of the Edith C. Blum Art Institute at Bard College, New York. She has curated over thirty exhibitions, many traveling nationally and internationally, and has been co-author of such publications as "Preserving the Past: Latin -American, African -American, and European-American Printmakers of the 1930s". (1992).

" Art What Thou Eat: Images of Food in American Art" (1990). "A Connoisseur´s Quest: Integrating New Discoveries into the Annals of Art History" (1990), "Process and Product: The Making of Eight Contemporary Masterworks" (1988). "Pop British Prints" (1987), "The Maximal Implications of the Minimal line" (1985), "Landmarks: New Site Proposals by 22 Original Pioneers of Environment Art" (1984).

Ms. Weintraub during her career as an art-critic, also wrote a series of interviews and works about a group of artists that Arthur Danto called "the Unsociable Vanguardism". From Vito Acconci, Richter or Joseph Beuys to Marina Abramovic, Janine Antoni, Mel Chin, Mountain Andrés, Andrea Zittel,Cristian Boltanski, Félix Gonzalez Torres, Gerlovin & Gerlovina, Orlan o Wolfang Laib.

Finally Weintraub published 35 interviews in a book called : "Art on the Edge and Over". This book can be bought through the Internet in

Linda Weintraub is currently developing a traveling museum in Chile , that will eventually go around the world. She has just finished curating a "Body Art" exhibition in Finland. This exhibition will travel in Europe and then will be shown in New York (PS1) in June of 1999.